I'm María José.

Software Developer UX/UI Design Lover

Skills I'm proud to have learned:

My work

Here are a few projects I've worked on recently. BrainStation Immersive Program

Wikipedia Dark Theme
CSS Positioning Wikipedia Dark Theme
CSS Flexbox Sunset
3D Animation
CSS discovered feature 3D Animation
API requests NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day

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People I've worked with have said...

Maria knows how to keep the house in order as she demonstrated in several projects in which we worked together where she performed a developer/PM role. She is a quick learner and very dynamic to quickly switch from one task/role to another, truly set the bar high if we speak about multitasking and quality assurance of every deliverable under her duties. Results oriented and great attention to detail will grant success to any project she participates on.

Hernán Saenz Piedra

Programmer Analyst at L.L.Bean